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  • How can I register for the Portal?
  • The Portal is managed by your healthcare provider. To register for the Portal, your provider will send you an email with two links, one for registering and another for accessing the Patient’s Portal. The first link for registration will take you to the registration screen where you will be able to create your account.

  • I had an account before on the old Patient’s Portal, but I cannot access the new one. How can I access my account on the new website?
  • Under the password field, click on ‘Request Registration’ where you will be taken to a new page to enter your email that you used for the account. A link will be sent to your email to re-register for the new portal.

  • Why is my password not being accepted?
  • Your password has to have a minimum of 8 characters, comprised of least one of each of the following:
    1. A capital letter
    2. A number
    3. A special character (such as @#$%^&*()_+=\ etc…)
  • I followed every step correctly and I am still getting the error “Invalid registration.”
  • Contact your practice to make sure the information you entered are exactly matching the information on your provider’s records. The spellings of your first and last names, as well as your date of birth and email should all be identical to what your provider has on their records (this includes hyphens, periods, nickname vs. full name, etc).

  • I get the error: “Invalid username or password.”
  • If you keep getting this error, it might be that either your username or password is incorrect. It is possible to recover them by clicking on “Forgotten account?” underneath the username field. Once you click on it, you can enter your e-mail, and you will have the choice to recover either your username or your password. Make sure you select your preferred means of recovery (either email or cell phone). If you selected email, make sure to check your spam folder as well!

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